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The road goes on and on…

So I came back from the most astonishing experience in my life (in long-term perspective). Always I have a feeling that I’m very lucky because I’m meeting awesome people in my life which are inspiring me and show me the way to go further and do the things that I do. It wasn’t different here. Friendships which I’ve made in Mexico are life-friendships and I have no doubt about that. Mexico became my second home which means that it’s for me as important as Poland (what a shame it so far). In general it’s awesome to have to homes but the problem is that you’re always missing one, because you can’t be in both places. Anyway believe me this price worthy to take.
During my on-arrival training I wrote a letter to myself in which I wrote about my expectations towards this experience. 10 months later I could read it again (thanks Doris!). When I did it it appeared that I had achieved all my goals. I helped where I could help. I gained a lot professionally and not only, I had a lot of fun and experiences (sleeping on a roof of church would be one of them).
Writing about the effects of my work they differs of course depending if take into account working with Save the Children in San Mateo Ozolco a and with Fundacion Alianzas Rosalico in Puebla. Regarding the first, it’s not so easy to measure effects of long term-projects which I know from working few years in orphanage house in Mosty. On the other hand there I’ve seen the change in children we were working with and so it’s in Ozolco. Although I was working with the team only 10 months, and a project lasted few years, after this time I can see that the community is in better shape then before. Children and parents have learned a lot about things like conflict resolution in families, also the whole community is more integrated – which was very visible during our ecotechniques workshops in May. Children also gained more wider view on a world for we were always trying to do with them new things, using different methods. They have learned about hygiene, environment, their history, identity, their rights and responsibilities and they know those things now. Moreover by local actions they did, like football tournaments, community cinema or gastronomy (which we were facilitating() they are more self-confident, know how to work in group (although here I think a lot still could be improved) and know how to participate.
In Foundation effects of our work (me and Francesca my roomie and another volunteer) the instant effects are more obvious. Foundation was 1 year working, when we had started there. During next year we developed it’s actions a lot, also a structure, check out FB fanpage or blog. We had found new donors, did few actions outside our base, and help to recycle a lot of trash.
Regarding what I have learned here well.. surely I became stronger, more independent and self-confident person. Apart of that I learned cooking (nothing special but at least I’m sure that I won’t die from starvation), I could try a bit of box, playing base and apart of all speak (and write as well not so bad) Spanish. My adventures here are topic for another post (or maybe even a blog or a book) anyway I wasn’t bored there
And now… I came back to Poland, I’m trying to switch to different time zone which results sleeping more then 12 hours one day, looking for a job and meeting with old friends, which I like the most. But the road goes on and on and it’s not the end just a beginning. So I continue to write this blog focusing now more on non-formal education, global development and all those things I’m trying to do here so soon You can expect new interesting posts and some changes in a blog itself. My plan now is to work 1 year in Poland or Europe and next year go to Palestine for volunteering. I think this place like a whole region is now very crucial and interesting for what is happening there and since I’ve always wanted to understand the world I think I need to go there. Apart of that I’m looking forward to visit my beloved Mexico OJALA!

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Planning a family in Rosalico

Check out last course of sexual education during my stay in Mexico on

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Ecotechniques in Ozolco

May in Ozolco was a bit different that other months. We didn’t have workshops with children (almost) but instead of that we were working with all the community with Ecotechniques. What are those? Basically techniques that help people live (like place to make food, or something useful for your garden) but with using natural materials so that everything we do is sustainable.
All of we did was thanks to our new colleague from Veracruz state which is expert of those things. So first we made a gathering for all community where we explained what are ecotechniques and what we could do for improving their life. So in the meeting we agreed that we will built 2 heaters for the kitchens for 2 families, 2 biofilters for reusing water and a fertilizer. The whole work which we wanted to do was based on idea that we are making 2 things (because we cannot build it in every house) but all the people from community can come and learn (by doing) and then make it for his/her house with help of others. This integrate community and then, with that knowledge they can “sell” their services in other communities. How You will see below, the idea worked perfectly and in fact much more that we have planned was done.
So next week we had started with a heater. Since earth in Ozolco is not very good to construct one (because the heater is made just from earth) we went to get it outside the community. It was pure physical work, nice change from giving workshops for the children. Next day we build one (or actually it was built by the community and we had just helped). In total 3 heaters in different houses were built and then some families did more for its own which showed that we are reaching our aims.
For biofilter we had needed also earth and some plants which help to filtrate water so also we went outside Ozolco to look for them. We did 2 biofilters and also 1 fertilizer.
However we did not forget about the children. In primary school from 2 days we were doing green wall with pupils to make the school more beautiful. And in secondary school we made a workshop about ecological paintings (using nopal Mexican type of cactus).
The results of this work was really good. A lot of people from the community were participating in workshops, a lot did those things and their homes later, and all those things will serve the community so I think it is now a bit better.

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Cinema in Rosalico

Check out very nice movie event which we did for children from Colonia Santa Maria in Puebla in Foundation Rosalico here

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Speaking Nahuatl

In Mexico are spoken 68 different languages (at least those are recocgnised by the goverment). These variety derives from fact that before Spanish conquest the Indians had had a lot of their own languages which then during colonial time started to perish. In the area when I live and work (central Mexico) people formerly where speaking Nahuatl – one of the most important indigenous languages in Central America.
The origins of Nahuatl are not fully known however it is assumed that Nahuatl has been spoken in Central Mexico since at least the 7th century AD. This language had been lingua franca of this region and also far more to the south (even Mayan civilization knew it, apart of t Continue reading

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Sexually Transmitted Infections and HIV

Check out blog the Foundation rosalico and relation the last course

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Fun in Kindergarten

Francesca and me went to give workshops in Kindergarten in Puebla. We had a lot of fun check out blog of the Foundation

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Anticonceptivos and responsible reproduction

Like every second saturday we had in Foundation Rosalico course of sexula education. Check out link below

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We’re going further intp sex topic

Check out 3rd course of sexual education in Foundation Rosalico here


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